In Section 8 and Section 8: Prejudice, players can create clans. In a clan, players \apply to join and share tags, symbolizing that they worked together. To bring a clan up to a higher rank, players must recruit good players and share similar XP (Experience).

Section 8 ClansEdit

The top five Section 8 clans contained the highest average Experience Points.

Top Five Xbox360 ClansEdit

#1 War Lord [WL] Leader: EpicWars 210Edit


(Solo Clan)

#2 Checkmate [Ckm] Leader: Demonic DizEdit

Members: (Top five)

1. Illinitex ---Officer

2. Daniel Misera ---Officer

3. dadzbox42 ---Officer

4. Demonic Diz ---Leader

5. Paul Mic ---Recruit


Members: (Top five)

1. JohnsZ71 ---Officer


3. CarolinaBahamut ---Officer

4. CireusOne ---Recruit

5. Kai Darkness ---Recruit

#4 Snipz [SIZ]Edit

Members: (Top Five)

(Solo Clan)

#5 RUFFRIDAZ [RUF] Leader: RuffRider AlecEdit

1. RuffRida Alec ---Leader # 3 player in the world

2. fusingline23 ---Officer

3. F3AR2138 ---Recruit

4. ChaosRage1 ---Recruit

Top Five Playstation 3 Clans Edit

#1 Immortal Elites [IME] Leader: Brickz732Edit


(Solo clan)

#2 The Best [One] Leader: VenSabathEdit


(Solo clan)

#3 Vicious in Pursuit [VIP] Leader: Kyng2FaceEdit


(Solo Clan)

#4 Queen of S8 [QJW] Leader: JoliwilliamsEdit


(Solo clan)

#5 Veteran of Section 8 [VET] Nimrod-0Edit


(Solo clan)

Top Five PC ClansEdit

#1 genesis orion [ORB] Leader: GENESIS XXIEdit


(Solo Clan)

#2 Legion of Doom [LOD] ScorpiusDoomEdit

Members: (Top five)

1. guitarsenal ---Officer

2. Rimzoco ---Officer

3. ScorpiusDoom ---Leader

{(note: ScorpiusDoom is is actually ranked number 1, but due to a server error had all of his points ard achievements erased and set back to zero..Time Gate was unable or unwilling to ever correct this problem.)}

4. Quisaxhaderact ---Recruit

5. Psyclic X ---Recruit

#3 Titans [TTN] Leader: Zeus FiveEdit

1. RSeanOConnell ---Officer

2. MacLeod100 ---Recruit

3. Zeus Five ---Leader

4. Zatara333 ---Officer

5. CD129 ---Officer

#4 Meow Mix Gods [MMG] Leader: Lord AverixEdit


(Solo Clan)

#5 Veterans [VTN] Leader: Major SlayorEdit

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