The Clavius System is a star system on the outskirts of the United States Empire.


The system is home to the temperate, lush planet Atlas, the arid New Madrid, and possibly other terrestrial planets still undiscovered, as well as numerous gas giants.

During the Outer Rim War, the Clavius System is completely overrun by the Arm of Orion, a powerful rebel group of unknown origin. A USIF task force, spearheaded by the elite 8th Armored Infantry Division under the command of General Barrett Stone, is sent by the Empire to liberate the system from the Arm.

After the overwhelming USIF victory in the Outer Rim War, the system once again came under threat during the Spear Crisis. This time, the USIF was forced to defend the system from a new enemy, the Orion's Spear


  • The main menu screen of the Section 8 game shows a USIF Task Force advancing toward the Clavius system, with the planets New Madrid and Atlas clearly visible in the title screen.  
  • The star system is possibly named after Christopher Clavius, a mathematician and astronomer who was the main architect of the modern Gregorian calendar.

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