The F17 Marauder is a powerful armored planetary assault tank used by the USIF.


The Marauder tank houses four seats, each controlling a different function or weapon of the tank. The first seat houses the driver of the whole vehicle, who also controls the vehicle's dual main rail cannons; the second seat controls a twin-barreled anti-infantry machine gun; the third has control over an anti-armor missile launcher, and the fourth operates a cluster mortar launcher. Finally, the tank is also outfitted with ramming spikes on the front, for effectively, and somewhat gruesomely, dispatching enemy infantry that happen to be in its way.

The Marauder can be easily carried by Sky Cranes and delivered to troops despite its massive size. It houses an enormous shield generator core, giving it extremely powerful protection against most weapons and explosives and making long range counterassaults futile for opposing forces not armed with high-grade explosives or weaponry.


Following the USIF victory in the Outer Rim War, the Marauder was retrofitted with jetpack thrusters giving it enhanced mobility, as well as gaining an ability that allows it to 'jump' wherein it hovers a high distance above the ground for a short period of time, enabling it to avoid shallow pits or some obstacles. Additionally, the tank is outfitted with a new self-repairing regeneration system, much like the self-repairing nanobots in USIF Powered Assault Armor; this drastically reduces maintenance time and costs for repairing functioning Marauders and salvaging destroyed ones.


The tank is the vehicle in the game with the most armor and weaponry. Though slow and cumbersome, it is well suited for massed assaults, as its firepower and armor can easily brush aside all opposition at long to medium range short of another tank. However, care must be taken as once an enemy has managed to close distances and outflank the Marauder, such as a mech or nimble infantry squad, the tank's firepower can be negated and its armor and shields whittled away to nothing. Thus, it is recommended that the tank be supported by other elements that can deal with nimble or particularly cunning threats that seek to close with and outflank it, such as hover bikes or other infantry.

The average cost for a battlefield delivery via Sky Crane is 160 requisition points in Section 8 and 180 requisition points in Section 8: Prejudice.



  • The trophy/achievement 'Test Drive' in Section 8 could only be unlocked by getting a kill with all the weapons on the tank: Main Cannon, Twin Machine Gun, Mortar launcher, and the rapid Rocket Launcher.




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