Feats are awards in the original Section 8 earned in a single life during a match. A team's collective feat accomplishments during a match add up to earn Dynamic Combat Missions, which allow a team to earn additional points and requisition; the type of mission spawned reflects the play style of that team.

List of FeatsEdit


  • Assault Killer: Kill 2 players with an Assault Rifle or Grenade
  • Assister: Get 2 Kill Assists
  • Armor Destroyer: Destroy 1 Heavy Armor
  • Impact Killer: Kill 1 player by either crushing or colliding with them while in medium armor


  • Recon Killer: Kill 2 players with a Sniper Rifle, Pistol, or Knife
  • Scanner: Scan 8 enemy targets
  • Stealth: Have Sensor Blocker active within range of an enemy sensor for 20 seconds
  • Micro Sensor: Have Micro Sensor active within 100m of a non-friendly Control Point for 60 seconds


  • Siege Killer: Kill 2 players with a Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, or Mortar
  • Base Destroyer: Destroy 2 Sensor Arrays, Supply Depots, or AA Turrets
  • Turret Destroyer: Destroy 2 Minigun or Rocket Turrets
  • Hacker: Hack 2 Control Points


  • Support Killer: Kill 2 players with a Machine Gun or Detpack
  • Repairer: Get 3 Repairs
  • Tank Destroyer: Destroy 1 tank
  • Defuser: Defuse 1 hack


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