The Heavy Tank, or just 'Tank' is the ultimate assault vehicle, boasting various weapons that can match almost any situation. Heavily armored, shielded, and weaponized; the Tank is the most powerful and versatile offensive resource available to infantry. The Tank supports a crew of up to four and can be used effectively against enemy deployables, vehicles, and infantry.

Weapons Edit

The driver of the Heavy Tank (USIF-F17 Marauder/ARM-M26-85 Paladin) controls maneuverability of the tank and also controls the main armament, the turret. Which is highly potent on the battlefield for multiple-purposes, such as eradicating stationary enemy anti-vehicle rocket turrets and anti-infantry mini-gun turrets. Without a doubt, the discarding sabot shell of the F17 and M26-85 turret are highly effective, and are able to dispose of anything that stands in its path. 

The second seat controls a twin-barreled anti-infantry machine gun, effective against enemy infantry as hinted previously.                                                                  

The third seat has control over an anti-armor missile launcher, effective against enemy armor as hinted previously.

The fourth operates a cluster mortar launcher, effective for multiple roles. 

Finally, the tank is also outfitted with ramming spikes on the front, for effectively, and somewhat gruesomely, dispatching enemy infantry that happen to be in its way. In addition to frontal spike weaponry, notably the driver of a Heavy Tank (F17/M26-85) can also reverse their vehicle to eliminate enemies, thus having the same effect as frontal impact.

Section 8 Edit

USIF: F17 Marauder

ARM: M26-85 Paladin

Section 8: Prejudice Edit

The Tank makes a return, still holding onto its position as a deadly offensive weapon. It retains its ability to quickly and easily kill anything it sees, and also continues being very cumbersome.

It has as many strengths as weaknesses, as its power and accuracy are balanced out by its low speed and inability to shoot that which is above or right next to it. Added is the ability to make a quick jump, which can get the Tank out of a jam or unstuck. The new Heavy Tanks now also have the power to drive over enemies, slamming them out of the way or killing them instantaneously.

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