Section8 minigun
Mini-gun turrets are deployables that are most effective against infantry soldiers. The mini-gun fires on any enemy that enters its sensor range, although they will target infantry first. They are used by both USIF and ARM forces, and can be based at control points or called in as deployables.[1]


The mini-gun turret contains a computer system, which is linked to the Tactical Network and optical scanners which allow it to easily pick out targets. The cannon, which is belt fed from a drum magazine behind it, shoots .50 caliber rail-propelled, armor-piercing, high-velocity bullets out of its rotating tri-barrel gun. The main cannon is mounted on the base via a network of servos, which help it to target enemies.

The turret's targeting systems are dependent on its TacNet link and short-range sensors. If an enemy signal is jammed, that enemy would be almost undetectable to the turret's scanners as the turret is unable to quickly respond to the threat even at close proximity. This leaves the turret at a disadvantage against advanced enemy infliltrators as its sensors take valuable time to register the enemy unit.


The turret is a normal support for basic base defense. Its range is moderate, and its best used in conjunction with the rocket turrets. Also, placing two supply depots, and an AA turret with these are a good defense against infantry. Since these guns can be deployed almost anyware, you can put them on top of a roof that is overlooking a control point. Placing a turret near a destroyed enemy base turret will prevent it from repairing, but leave it exposed to enemy units.



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