Operation: Liberation is a mission conducted by the United States Empire against the ARM of Orion on the planet New Madrid, during the Outer Rim War.

Once the perimeter defenses of the ARM had been disabled, the 8th Armored began operations to assault the Arm Headquarters outside Oasis City, New Madrid's capital. This was part of the 8th Armored Division's final push to liberate the planet and end the threat of the ARM to New Madrid. Leading the attack was the 1st Recon Platoon, commanded by Sergeant Alex Corde.

After eliminating the city's extensive perimeter defenses and collecting intel regarding ARM troop dispositions inside Oasis City's walls, 1st Recon Platoon escorted an assault convoy and their tank escorts through the city's weakened outer perimeter. Repelling intense ARM attacks, 1st Recon and the assault convoy broke through the city's outer defense perimeter and held position outside the city walls, where they were reinforced by elements of 3rd Recon Platoon. The combined platoons and the assault convoy then joined the other US Imperial forces who were already attacking the ARM forces inside the city.


After another week of brutal urban fighting, the remaining ARM forces finally withdrew from planet New Madrid to fortify their other captured worlds against the US Empire's counteroffensive. Thus, Operation: Liberation was a success and New Madrid had finally been liberated.

However, the Arm of Orion still remained operational. USIF intelligence tracked the bulk of the remaining Arm forces on the planet Atlas. US Imperial Forces prepared another major campaign to liberate an Arm-held world, however, they had learned from the disastrous landing attempt at New Madrid during Operation: First Contact, and sent an advance covert team to eliminate the planetary defense guns before USIF troops could make planetfall. Deploying the elite 1st Recon Platoon as this covert team, they began Operation: Spearhead.


Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 04 - Edge of Oasis Part 1 309:02

Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 04 - Edge of Oasis Part 1 3

Edge of Oasis 1/3.

Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 04 - Edge of Oasis Part 2 307:55

Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 04 - Edge of Oasis Part 2 3

Edge of Oasis 2/3.

Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 04 - Edge of Oasis Part 3 3-007:48

Section 8 PS3 HD - Hard - 04 - Edge of Oasis Part 3 3-0

Edge of Oasis 3/3.

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