Section8 repair tool
Used by both USIF and ARM forces, the Repair Tool is a small device used for both medical and engineering purposes, able to repair damage to armor, structures, vehicles, and flesh alike.

You may repair any friendly infantry, vehicle, and structures within the tool's range which is twenty-four meters. When a valid repair target is within the targeting reticle, using the repair tool will repair that target. Otherwise, the repair tool will attempt to heal its wielder.

The repair tool contains advanced self-replicating, bio-organic nanites that are able to instantly morph themselves into any organic or mechanical structure. These nanites are stored in a plasma state inside the tool itself. There is a computer which identifies the atoms of the valid repair target and configures the nanites to the appropriate form to match the atoms and molecules of the aforementioned target. These configured nanites are then sent from the tool's small twin barrels to the target in a controlled path electromagnetically via a visible green beam, where the nanites align themselves to the damaged target structure accordingly, repairing any damage. It is powered by the same onboard energy generator in a soldier's Power Armor. Whenever a Control Point is captured, the control point sends data which quickly facilitates ease of repair for turrets and other structures for the repair tool.

Repairs are done at a molecular level, so all armor and structures alike are both quickly and completely restored to optimal capacity in both form and function. It is also noted that the repair tool is able to repair human tissue, skin, and bones within the armor.

Section 8: PrejudiceEdit

Siphon ToolEdit

In the sequel Section 8: Prejudice, there is also a variant to the repair tool, known as the Siphon Tool. This tool is capable of draining the armor and shielding of enemy soldiers, structures, and vehicles, then transferring that stolen energy to the user. It is also more effective if a target's shielding is completely disabled prior to using the Siphon Tool.

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