SIW7 Black Widow
Production information





Rail-Assisted Burst Pistol

Technical specifications


Damage Per Hit

Low If all rounds land on target: Medium

Magazine Size

24 rounds (8 bursts of 3 rounds each)

Fire Mode

Three-round burst

Ammunition Type

Cased, rail-assisted slug

Rate of Fire


Muzzle Velocity







Outer Rim War






Arm of Orion, United States Empire


The SIW7 Black Widow, or 'Auto Pistol', is the semi-standard sidearm of the USIF also used by its enemy, the Arm of Orion.


The SIW7 is the counterpart of the MOR-94, seen in use during the Outer Rim War. The fact that the Arm wields the Black Widow, or Auto Pistol, without noticeable aesthetic differences that are present in their typical reverse-engineered weapons, means that the Arm's sponsor itself supplies this weapon to them without allowing for any extensive modification.

Following the crushing USIF victory in the Outer Rim War, both the victorious USIF and remaining Arm forces ceased using this pistol. Its burst-fire feature was instead added to the more powerful upgraded MOR-94, used by both sides, as a customisable modification.


The Black Widow utilizes the same rail-assisted firing mechanism as the MOR-94 pistol, where the firing mechanism utilizes explosives charges in cartridge casings to initially propel the round, while rail mechanisms incorporated into the barrel then provide further acceleration to the bullet, giving it the power necessary to penetrate modern shield systems, armor, and inflict grievous damage to flesh.

Rather than firing a single powerful round in semi-auto, the Black Widow fires three, less powerful rounds in a burst format. While the end result is the same amount of damage, the SIW7 is more forgiving to its user than a MOR-94, because if one round misses a target, the other two still have a chance. Its design consists of top mounted picatinny rails and a nickle-plated coating. It also features an odd top-mounted clip design, which is placed into the top of the pistol after it is is moved upward. This is very unusual and quite different than its predecessor, the MOR-94.

While the caliber of the SIW7 rounds is unknown, it is presumed that each individual round is of a smaller caliber than the .65 caliber slugs employed by the MOR-94, so that more rounds can be fired downrange without any loss in accuracy.

The rounds are also of the older cased design, utilizing explosive charges to propel the bullets from cartridge casings, rather than full rail propulsion.


  • The weapon does not make an appearance in Section 8: Prejudice and its three round burst ability for the pistol has been replaced by the 'Burst Fire' mod.
  • The SIW7 is available in the original Section 8, and could be obtained by pre-ordering the game. However, on the Xbox 360 and GFWL version a code could be used to unlock it, whether it was pre-ordered or not. The code is: 13374877 On the PSN version it could only be unlocked by completing 'Corde's Story'.

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