The 1st Tactical is a Section 8 Wiki workforce tasked with the brutal challenge of fixing negleted pages and keeping every page up-to-date for the eagar fans of Section 8. It was created by EpsilonIndi and approved by OverseerTange on April 10, 2011 and was officially launched on April ,2011. We consist of active veterans that regularly check this site and are updated and aware of new content on the Section 8 universe.

As a member of the 1st Tactical, the most(so far) prestigious taskforce on Section 8 Wiki, you must be/have:

  • Able and willing to regular check the Section 8 Wiki on a daily basis
  • Able take all responsibility required of you and execute them on time and with spirit and enthusiasm
  • Able to easily communicate with members of the 1st Tactical and other Wiki members
  • Two months of activity directly before applying of 1st Tactical
  • Fair knowledge of Section 8 Wiki how Wikis work
  • Adequate spelling and grammar

Your responsibilties as a member of 1st Tactical include but are not limited to:

  • Check online sources for new information pertaining Section 8
  • Check and work on(if possible) on Wanted Pages and Images
  • Check in on site for Wiki news at least twice a week
  • Check suspicious pages to vertify canon
  • Work on pages assigned by admins and superiors in the 1st Tactical chain of command
  • Trace, report, and if possible, attempt to fix vandalism
  • Trace and report breaches of policy
  • Have all assigned work completed punctuiously

If you are going to be unavailable, you must:

  • Notify the Director or Monitor member of the 1st Tactical




EpsilonIndi (Founder, Admin)




Requests for Commission Edit

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