Biographical information
Date of death

During the Spear Crisis

Physical description







More than six feet

Hair color

Brown (greying)

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Outer Rim War, Spear Crisis

Notable Facts

Became the Arm of Orion leader after the Outer Rim War


Arm of Orion

Commander Thorne is the second highest ranking officer in the Arm of Orion.

Thorne is voiced by David Lodge.


As the next highest ranking officer to the deceased Commander Soren, Thorne's hostility and hatred towards his captors is thickly veiled behind a baffling mix of righteous anger, incoherent threats and maniacal confidence.

Further frustrating the Earth's Senate Command is Thorne's apparent intense military training, including his ability to withstand USIF interrogation techniques. He is also regarded by his ally, General Salvador, as having a "big mouth" due to his knack for prolonged narcissistic conversation, often revealing vital information in the process.

Involvement Edit

Thorne played an unknown role in the Outer Rim War, though it is known that he was stationed on the planet Atlas during the USIF liberation of the planet and the slaying of Arm Commander Soren. After the USIF victory in the conflict, he attempted to flee Atlas, but was intercepted by USIF forces before he could escape. Brought to Fort Solomon, Thorne was brutally interrogated by USIF personnel under the personal supervision of General Stone, in an attempt to discover how the Arm of Orion had managed to obtain advanced USIF weapons and technology. However, he was liberated from Fort Solomon's prison in a daring assault by the Orion's Spear, during the Spear Crisis.

Brought to the arctic world of Boreas, Commander Thorne assumed command of the remaining Arm of Orion soldiers stationed on the extensive network of military bases scattered throughout the planet's arctic canyons. Eventually, Thorne and his men were discovered by USIF forces when the base's system of planetary jammers was deactivated by two members of the 8th Armored Infantry Division's 1st Recon Platoon. In a bold strike, the two 1st Recon members, Corde and Matthews, then neutralized the Arm's entire fleet of spaceships by sabotaging the fueling systems of a large spaceport where the entire fleet was docked for refueling, despite Thorne's attempts to warn and rally the defending Arm troops via stationwide broadcast radio. When a USIF Battlefleet began its assault on the Arm's canyon bases, Thorne attempted to organize a defense, but to no avail. Various pieces of vital infrastructure were destroyed, including communication dishes, fuel depots, and vehicle storage facilities, while any AA defenses were swept aside, allowing the USIF to deploy the bulk of their forces across the planet.


Eventually, Thorne was cornered by soldiers of the 1st Recon Platoon, where he fled to a a well-shielded and well-armored bunker situated at the end of a large canyon pass. After an intense firefight with Thorne's contingent of guards, 1st Recon Platoon managed to destroy the bunker with help from the US Imperial Navy frigate, the USIS Nevada. A grievously injured Thorne crawled out of the bunker and weakly attempted to flee, only to be apprehended by 1st Recon. Before he could divulge any vital information, Thorne was shot in the head by his erstwhile ally General Salvador, who remarked on his "Big Mouth".

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