Titan Array

A Titan Array is a massive planetary relay network used by US Imperial colonies for practical faster-than-light communication across vast interstellar distances.


One Titan Array present on Atlas was seized by the Arm of Orion during the events of the Outer Rim War. It was eventually recaptured by soldiers of the 8th Armored Infantry Division's 1st Recon Platoon in a covert strike. The USIF planned and executed this following a plan designed by high-ranking USIF officers, including General Stone, leader of the 8th Armored.

1st Recon Platoon then reactivated the Array and established an uplink with the US Imperial Navy support fleet in orbit. The fleet's artificial intelligence network 'Mother' then sent false coordinates to the Arm fleet, ordering it to rendezvous at an undisclosed site in the Clavius System. In fact, this message was part of a trap set by the USIF, and the Arm fleet was completely destroyed in an ambush prepared by the Columbia Battlegroup.

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