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    Alright, what was the strangest thing that you accomplished or saw in Section 8 or Section 8: Prejudice?

    For me, although I never took a picture, I had the VIP kill me with a Pistol. No lie. Section 8, and VIP killed me with the Pistol.... ISN'T THAT WIERD?!?!?!?

    Now, you folks tell me... It can be an awesome accomplishment you made, a wierd moment, etc.

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  • Master Lewa

    Hey guys, when was the day you got section 8? Or the day you got Section 8: Prejudice?

    I remember working really hard in the garage to get the money. I had to sort my Dad's toolbox with all the bolts and nuts and endless amounts of screws and other stuff. It was tough work and took me 3-4 hours... but when I was done... Ohhhhh It was one of the best things I had ever bought!

    For Section 8: Prejudice, I was just playing Section 8 and I was still in a chat that wasn't active for hours... I was about to close it once, but a solider started shooting me while I was in the screen and about to leave so I just backed out and then forgot about it. A long while later, I saw: "DUDE" "IT'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Now.. I'll tell you one thing.…

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  • Master Lewa

    So, what do you folks think is your favorite part of Section 8?

    Can be from Campaign, Online or even this wiki.

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