For those of you who played PC i am sure I need no introduction. For those of you who played console my name is ScorpiusDoom. I am Legion Commander of Legion of Doom clan. the most successful clan in section 8. I have been involved with section 8 from the first day of closed beta and was probably the last player online when they closed down the final server. I was one of the most prolific contributers to the PC forum. Also a very controversial character not often taking the party line and often standing up for those in the community who had no voice to the powers that be and Time Gate itself. i exposed several of there less then honorable dealings and outright lies to the community. Which did not endear me to some of those at Time Gate involved. None the less I was there when they turned it on till they shut it down. I know all the legend  and the lore the facts and not so factual events that passed through the days of  this PC games great history. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. It not matter if it is game facts or about game lore you have herd. About the great players of Section 8 I knew them all. From the big talkers to the kill you first and not talk to you later greats of the game. As a PC player you ether loved me or hated me, but they all respected me. So Stop by and say hi. Come meet your Doom.

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