Hey Guys, I have a really Fantastic idea for the next installment. I know you guys probably going to complain about all decided by the Developers. But maybe, if they can listen to our advice and make the franchise to be much successful in the upcoming future.

My next enemy Idea should be some kind of Metal Life-form from outer planet as It can consuming energy and revealing themselves as Insectoid that cover with all full metal that have life that the Orion have some of remaining surviving Orion Spear have found this kind of energy forces that will drive the U.S.E (United States Empire) that could foreshadowing the event of the Invasion.

Now with only just one empire of Intergalatic Forces is not enough as the other allies should be great. How about the Chinese ?

Because they will join forces to engaging this threat since is inevidence as battle now or never instead conflict for nothing as Chinese have strength in number, while the United States have the latest technology to providing them. Also, a Cooperation of forces between the People Republic of China and United States Empire to countering this forces. Which is that, the third installment should be a Co-op Storyline with different characters and choices to go on as now a these days a lot of Franchise have developing this type of Genre for people to going through. Okay, guys let you decided this kind of storyline, ideas wasn't it great ?

Leave your comment!

Thanks you!

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